Qualifying programmes - Oenology

Les ateliers Ferrières


2 months of evening classes – 50 hours divided in modules, including :

  • 20 modules, 2 hours each
  • 3 modules, 3 hours each
  • 1 exam module

Tuition, materials, bottles of wine tasted during the class (3 to 5 wines per module).

Training course taught in French and translated consecutively in English.


Oenology Diploma 1 900 €
1 Day session 250 €

Programme content
and structure

Oenology sessions will focus on the following topics

  • The art of Wine-tasting
  • French Regions
  • European and World wines
  • Food and Wine pairing : These modules will be taught by a Chef and a wine expert. A full meal will be prepared (entree, main course, dessert) and the wine pairing will be organised according to this menu.

Sessions will be held on Saturdays (8 in total)

Date: from March 5th to April 30th 2016

This calendar is subject to change

Opening hours

  • from 10am to 1pm
  • from 2pm to 5 pm

Specific opening hours for food and wine pairing sessions

  • from 9am to 1pm
  • from 1pm to 4pm
Formation Diplômante - Winetasting