Qualifying programmes - Cuisine

Les ateliers Ferrières


6 months of theory and practical applications divided in 2 trimesters – 600 hours (excluding internship), including :

  • Tuition, uniforms, knives set, educational visits, conferences
  • Exams
  • 8 week-internship. Possibility of an extension up to 6 months

The qualification will be validated after the 8 week internship.

Students can register for the first trimester only and undertake the second trimester at a later date (for a limited time).

This qualification is taught in French and is translated in English consecutively.


Cuisine Diploma 18 500 €
1st trim. 10 000 €
2nd trim. 8 500 €

Programme content
and structure

Introduction to french cuisine

  • Culinary terminology and definitions
  • Learn how to use professional knives
  • Cutting techniques (e.g., vegetables)
  • Preparations and “Mise en Place”
  • Classical French cuisine techniques
  • Learn how to make stocks, sauces, stuffings and pastries
  • Learn different cooking methods

Regional cuisine

  • The origin of products and their influence on regional cuisine
  • Enhancing kitchen professional skills
  • Enhancing techniques and presentation
  • Seasonings and flavours in classical French cuisine
  • Platters and dishes presentation techniques
  • Introduction to different taste combinations, colours and textures

Classical and contemporary cuisine
« haute gastronomie »

  • Precision and efficiency in a kitchen environment ( responsibilities and role-play)
  • Master complex methods and techniques
  • Work on recipes using rare and luxury products
  • To master Haute Gastronomie and contemporary menus
  • Set up menus in accordance with seasons
  • Master presentation and decoration
  • Develop personal creativity (individual work on a recipe)
Formation Diplômante - Cuisine